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Logo Friday Infographic | How much did that logo cost?

Planning on getting a logo for your business? Submit your project information to DesignQuote and get free proposals from professional Logo Designers. Add this infographic to your site by copying and pasting the code below.  Please include a link back to the original post! <a href=””><img src=”” title=”How much did that logo cost infographic”></a>  

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uh oh

Five steps to more a effective logo design

When you are developing the brand for your company, the single most important detail you have to worry about is your logo. It is used more than any other aspect of your image and determines the overall image your company portrays to everyone who sees it. Nervous? Don’t be. These five steps will help make

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gold logos

Logo Friday | There’s gold in them there hills!

Gold is at record high’s, today I checked and it’s above $1700 USD! So what better theme for logo Friday? Gold! Lots of sports teams and casinos of course. Here is this Friday’s selection. Logos in gold. TGIF! As always, leave me a comment, did I forget any famous gold logos?   Have a suggestion

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Color versus black and white logos

Five Essential Qualities for a Good Logo

Have you ever seen a business with a logo that looks like it was created by a third grader and turned away from the business without a second look? Even if you decided to give the place a try, that logo surely ruined your first impression of the business. More importantly, if you even remember

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Forget violets!

Logo Friday | I’m seeing red!

This Friday we take a look at some famous and not so famous but cool none the less red logos… Do you recognize them all? What famous red logo did I forget? Post it in the comments! Happy Friday Logo Lovers.     Some other places to read about red logos. What theme should we pick for

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Expert Tips: Get a Great Logo!

A good logo is what stands between you and the growth of your business. For the most part business owners spend a lot of time focusing on their marketing and not their logo design. When all of the marketing tactics don’t quite draw in the business they hoped for they begin to look at the

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