What is it Like to Work With a Freelance Graphic Designer?

If managing graphic design in-house is a costly and time-consuming endeavor, you can always outsource the job. Freelance designers are a viable option, and the freelancer economy – as such – has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 15.5 million people in the United States are self-employed. The proliferation of devices, apps and personal technology has made it easier for businesses to communicate with talent. Moreover, freelancers are not college kids looking to earn a bit of cash on the side or people working out of their parents’ basements. Rather, the modern-day freelancer is increasingly professional, strategic and experienced.

Group of business people with laptop meeting a freelance designer

 Benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer

Working with a freelancer comes with its own set of advantages. Here’s a look at the most important ones:

1. A more flexible working partnership

You can hire a freelancer when you want, such as during peak season or at a time of heavy attrition. What’s more, you also have the opportunity to retain one or two freelancers who’ve done an excellent job on your projects, for all your subsequent work requirements. They can work like an extension of your team without really being your employees.

2. Cost savings

Freelancers are not on your payroll; you just compensate them for the job. You don’t have to pay them benefits, or provide office space or equipment. In a nutshell, freelancers don’t weigh heavily on your labor costs, while getting your job done and helping you stay competitive.

3. A single interpretation of the design brief

In an agency environment, your project passes through many hands, from junior designers to senior creatives and account managers. They may all interpret your design brief in their own way, which may unnecessarily complicate matters. In a freelance scenario, you work with a single individual with whom either you or your team can collaborate to form a unified vision of your project more easily.

4. Clarifications on billing and deliveries can occur during design-related discussions

One of the advantages of a single point-of- contact and interaction is that you inquire about billing and deadlines at the same time that you’re having conversations around the design brief. This can prevent any last minute surprises, and let you know what to expect and how much to compensate, from the outset. The staffing website with which you sign up must allow you to contact the freelancer directly. A 1-on-1 discussion with designers is essential to identifying the best individual for the job, and collaborating seamlessly and successfully on your graphic design project.