Logo Friday | Furry Tailed Cuties To Get Your Tummy Rumbling

Using furry tailed cuties to get your tummy rumbling is something I will always find disturbing.  Although, I admit it has not deterred me from eating BBQ   Well maybe once or twice it has.

Happy go lucky animals naively marching proudly to their inevitable doom, our plates.  These adorable characters tell the driver by  two very important things.  One is “I have food”, and two is “You can bring the kids”!


Choosing colors like reds and yellows are believed to most likely trigger appetite. Both are  stimulating colors.  If you have ever been in a Subway Station at 2am you know first hand just how stimulating the color yellow can be.  Lots of fast food restaurants use these colors to lure people in the door.

My niece being as clever as she is, by the age of two realized that the meal often put before her was if not the “Wilbur” himself (Charlotte’s Web), was at least one of his close cousins.  At age two she chose to become a vegetarian.  However, this did not deter her from eating hot dogs.  She did not know where hotdogs came from so they were “ok”.  This phase lasted for a few years until she figured it out.

Be it chicken, cow, or pig, we all seem to like our food singing and dancing it’s way into our tummies.