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Logo Friday | Rock n Logos

Rock’n Logos It  appears that the older rock band’s logos stay fairly consistent in look and feel.   Most of these older logos, while tweaked a little here or there, don’t stray too far from their basic core image.     In doing so, at just a glance we are able to recognize the band just

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Logo Friday | Automobile Logos

Match the Automobile Make to the Logo!      Hyundai    Cadillac    Chevy    Lincoln   Honda     Chrysler  Buick                             Scroll to see answer key below! …… …… …… …… No Cheating …… …… …… Weee bit more… Answer Key Lincoln Chevy Chyrsler Hyundai Buick Cadillac Honda

Logo Friday Infographic | How much did that logo cost?

Planning on getting a logo for your business? Submit your project information to DesignQuote and get free proposals from professional Logo Designers. Add this infographic to your site by copying and pasting the code below.  Please include a link back to the original post! <a href=””><img src=”” title=”How much did that logo cost infographic”></a>  

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